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Fifteen years of experience in Marine energy efficiency and the advancement of maritime sustainable technologies, two things became apparent for our founder Trevor Small. These are that there is no energy efficiency silver bullet only the aggregation of incremental improvements provides maximum efficiencies, and that the low value high cost and high carbon footprint activities that result from limited or difficult vessel access (ship checks) need to stop. Exhausted from his last ship check Trevor knew there had to be a better way. And then Covid happened, and not only did the world shut down so did access to vessels, meaning no new work could get done. This impacted hundreds of thousands of people globally. 

Since our inception, 3DM has been focused on bringing innovative and forward-thinking solutions to the Maritime industry. 

Trevor took this opportunity to figure out how to be onboard without being on board, this was the start of 3D Maritime Inc.  3DM has since combined advanced mobile laser scanning and 360° image capture resulting in a precise, efficient, and immersive data capture process. Once captured, 3DM manages, maintains and processes your digital model.  This data is accessible any time for the life of the vessel and can be used in hundreds of applications and for an unlimited number of projects.

Based in the Vancouver, British Columbia, 3D Maritime is leading the way in passenger vessel 3D vessel multi-capture capture and digital asset transformation, with over 500,000 m2 captured. 

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Trevor Small, Founder and CEO

Trevor is a sustainability specialist and has worked for decades in the Maritime Industry for various companies. He has also led several successful start ups.  
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Barbara Wharton, COO

Over 20 years in business and operations management, project management, marketing and entrepreneurship.  She has managed many teams and successfully led her family company until 2020.

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Our Team

Our experienced team consists of contractors for your projects including scanning, data processing, all project needs such as  Point Cloud to 2D & 3D modelling for architectural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and HVAC engineering, Virtual and visual ship checks, tender packages, restricted area vendor access, project management and progress reporting, Milestone visual captures, Compliance ADA, class, Hybrid and digital twining, export into CAD Packages to create accurate CAD Deliverables.

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