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3DM is a shipyard to scrapyard digital capture and model management company.  We capture the vessel throughout construction, refits or dry docs or anytime during the vessel’s life as project of full vessel capture.  After capture 3DM processes your point cloud, then securely stores data for use.  Learn more about the capture process here.

Digitization is the path to Decarbonization.  Let us help you get there.


Full service, at all times

  • Secure storage with authorized user access and protocols

  • Maintain point cloud integrity, versioning, metadata tagging, data validations, integration of new & or updated captures and archiving

  • Area sectioning for vender access for 2D and 3D modelling

  • Model enhancement incorporating new captures / scans and 2D and 3D models

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Everything you need for efficient project completion

  • Digital Capture technology, laser scanning, 360° image capture, multi-Capture

  • Digital Capture Methods; Terrestrial, mobile, arial and submersible

  • Digital Capture types; project, vessel, construction

  • Point Cloud to 2D & 3D modelling for architectural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and HVAC engineering.

  • Virtual and visual ship checks, tender packages, restricted area vendor access, project management and progress reporting

  • Milestone visual captures

  • Compliance ADA, class

  • Hybrid and digital twining

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